How To Add Episode In Podcastify?

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In order to add the new episode in Podcastify, you need to go to Podcastify>Add New. You will be landed to the Episode page where you can easily add your new podcast episode.

  • Title: First of write down the name of the title of your episode
  • Description: write down the description related to your podcast. This would be more like a blog post(this is not a transcript of your podcast).
  • Series: Select the series that of the episode from right sidebar. your episode will be publish under the selected series. (make sure you already added the series. )

Episode Settings: #

  • Podcast File: This section is very important. You have to upload your podcast audio file here in mp3 format. if you have already uploaded the file in your WordPress Media Library then just select that file.
  • Duration, File Size, Date Recorded: These fields will be fill filled automatically once you upload the mp3 file. System will fill these fields according to audio file.

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